Every candle gives health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda

4oz candle supports someone for ONE MONTH
6oz candle supports someone for TWO MONTHS
9oz candle supports someone for SIX MONTHS

Misiyo founders visiting a family in Rwanda. Happy and smiling kids and adults are enjoying the Rwandan landscape together. A quote is also shared - "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Why Rwanda?

Since 2010, we've been traveling there and volunteering with James + Jackie and their not-for-profit organization The River. This is where we're personally connected and want to connect you too! By providing health insurance to those in need through The River, everyone we support is able to live a healthier life. They'll have better opportunity to pursue an education or career, raise their family and bring their unique contribution to our world!

The River Organization

The River has been working with disadvantaged families, orphans and widows around Rwanda for over ten years. They place orphans and widows together into family networks, create and maintain support groups for widows around the country, provide counselling and do emotional health work, and have many other initiatives for underserved people - like supporting their health insurance (!!) or school fees.

Two friends walking into a market in Kigali, Rwanda. Pictured is the Misiyo founder with friend and founder of The River organization

They've also been intentionally working in a remote village facing some big challenges over the past few years. This work includes training in vocational skills like sewing and styling hair, and bringing life back into the village's local market where people now sell food and handcrafts. This was the particular project Shelby & I visited on our most recent trip (pictured) and where some of the funds from candle sales are going!

Misiyo founder Jackie giving a speech to students in small village near Kigali, Rwanda.

We have seen each person we support is able to live a healthier life. They are empowered in their education, career and family life - and that makes our world a more beautiful and free place! 

A posed photo of James & Jackie, founders of The River Organization. Two Rwandan people working in Rwanda.
Group of dancing young adults in a small village outside Kigali, Rwanda
The River Rwanda organization's founder speaking at a gathering for student and teachers in a village near Kigali, Rwanda.

More Details

The River is a recognized charitable organization within their district in Rwanda. Our giveback is tallied throughout the year and then paid yearly in June. Each person supported will receive twelve months of health insurance coverage starting in July of that year. Rwanda has a leading health care system within Africa and their community-based insurance program offers care to everyone within their country using a tiered premium approach. Those we support are generally families and individuals who provide for themselves, but who may not be able to afford their premiums for the year due to circumstances beyond their control. 

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

― Benjamin Disraeli