Founder Sherah + starting Misiyo

Hey, I’m Sherah! I love mountain tops, outdoor adventures and movie popcorn. I also love to travel and it's one of my biggest passions. At eighteen years old, I moved to Australia for six months and visited Indonesia and Japan too. Let’s just say I was hooked...⁣⁣ Fast forward to 2010, when I spent over two months in South Africa and then headed to Rwanda to stay with some friends of a friend for two months. This couple I was about to meet had just started a non-profit and I wanted to learn more and help out.⁣⁣


The two months I spent in Rwanda volunteering with James and Jackie and their non-profit organization The River impacted me so deeply. There was so much to learn, so many times my privilege smacked me in the face, so many times I was in awe of these amazing people!⁣⁣ They became friends for life and I loved the work they were doing.


My husband and I were married in 2018 and he’s travelled to Rwanda with me too. After our wedding, we started talking about how we could create a marketplace solution to support The River organization and the idea of candles (which I’ve always LOVED) came up. Initially I thought we’d learn candle making and then start the business in Rwanda, but we decided to make candles here instead. We dove into research, learning, testing and making for almost a year - carefully deciding to blend beeswax and coconut wax ourselves to create a sustainable, clean and reusable candle we could be excited about. Plus, a candle that felt different than all the lovely soy candles out there.⁣⁣

I'm now a full-time chandler and business owner, working hard to bring home the bacon while supporting this amazing organization who brings hope and empowerment to underserved people in Rwanda.

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