Handcrafted from start to finish, we're so excited to bring the beauty and joy of a flame into your home!

We're Shelby + Sherah, the husband and wife team behind Misiyo. In early 2019, we decided to take our love of candles and our heart for Rwanda and make something of it!


We started from scratch using beeswax almost by chance. The more we discovered about the benefits of beeswax, the more we were determined to make our candles with it! After six months of trial and error (soooo many mason jar testers!) we developed our own wax blend for a luxurious, clean and eco-conscious burn.

Misiyo translates to 'mission' because every candle we make has a mission to help someone and do good in the world. We've seen how marketplace solutions help empower others while bringing beautiful goods to you too!



Every candle gives health insurance to someone in need in Rwanda.

4oz candle supports someone for ONE MONTH
6oz candle supports someone for TWO MONTHS
9oz candle supports someone for SIX MONTHS



Since 2010, I (Sherah) have been traveling there and volunteering with dear friends James + Jackie and their not-for-profit organization The River. Shelby joined for the most recent trip and Rwanda stole a piece of his heart too! This is where we're personally connected and can make an impact.

By providing health insurance to those in need through The River, everyone we support is able to live a healthier life. They'll have better opportunity to pursue an education or career, raise their family and bring their unique contribution to our world!


The River has been working with disadvantaged families, orphans and widows around Rwanda for over ten years. They place orphans and widows together into family networks, create and maintain support groups for widows around the country, provide counselling and do emotional health work, and have many other initiatives for underserved people - like supporting their health insurance (!!) or school fees.

They've also been intentionally working in a remote village facing some big challenges over the past few years. This work includes training in vocational skills like sewing and hairstyling, and bringing life back into the village's local market where people now sell food and handcrafts. This was the particular project Shelby & I visited on our most recent trip (pictured) and where some of the funds from candle sales are going!

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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